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The best UK dropshipper 2018-08-14

The wholesaler UK


Founded in 1999, it is an online directory for retailers looking for suppliers. You can find hundreds of the best dropship watches uk with real inventory, and they have a rigorous verification process that checks the supplier's address by phone and other searches. They also have a dedicated line where buyers can register complaints when a list of supplier issues occurs.



eSources is also a British wholesale trade directory. Their services will help you quickly purchase wholesale goods from British suppliers. Every month thousands of trade buyers and British wholesale suppliers join eSources.

The basic wholesale buyer membership is free, and if you want to access the details of all suppliers and wholesalers, you can upgrade to a premium buyer.

If you are a British wholesale supplier, you can free to list your business details, and upgrade to quality services, including many trading tools, these trading tools to increase your company in the global wholesale buyers of exposure.

GEM Wholesale


It is a supplier of inventory, who gets the returns from the trade and sells it to the retailer at wholesale prices.

It has several categories, including clothing, shoes, bedding, watches/jewelry, electronics and so on.

It has two huge warehouses in an industrial area in the UK that can provide over 1,000 packages.

MX Wholesale


MX Wholesale, founded in 2001, is an online wholesaler and supplier in the UK and is now one of the leading brands in the UK Wholesale industry. It is known for leading discount wholesale prices and discounts.

MX Wholesale offers a wide range of products, including cleaning products, cosmetics, health and beauty products, home appliances and accessories, kitchenware and kitchen accessories, toys, etc.

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Does dropshipping worth it 2018-08-10

Dropship is a business that is worth our while. why?

1. It takes only a small amount of money to carry out a fashion dropshippers service.

In our easy drop shipping business, we must first consider how much does dropshipping cost? It takes only a small amount of money to carry out a generation service. We want to open an e-commerce store without the need to invest thousands of dollars in product inventory in advance. Traditional retailers must bundle large amounts of capital to purchase inventory. With the direct sales model, unless the merchant has completed sales and the customer has placed an order, the merchant does not have to purchase the product. If the merchant does not have a previous inventory investment, he can start a successful sales agency business with very little money. So we don't really have to worry about the question "how much does drop shipping cost".

2. This is a business that saves time and effort.

Merchants do not need to manage warehouses, package products, and transport goods, nor do they need to track inventory according to accounting reasons and handle returns and incoming goods. Businesses can keep ordering products and manage inventory levels. In addition, on drop shipping platform, we usually have the opportunity to enjoy the drop shipping discount, which also saves us time, effort and expense.

3. In the mode of drop shipping mode, the geographic location of the merchants processing business is very flexible.

Because of the internet connection, merchants can operate direct sales services anywhere. As long as businesses can easily communicate with suppliers and customers, they can run and manage their own business. In the manual drop shipping business model, we can only restrict our business to one place, which takes a lot of our time.

4. Drop shipping business is very easy to expand.

In traditional businesses, if a business wants to triple its business, it usually needs to do three times more work. And we use direct-selling service providers, and most of the work of processing additional orders will be borne by the suppliers, enabling businesses to expand their business with less difficulty and less work. In addition, the increase in sales always brings extra work, especially related to customer service.

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How to Drop Ship Logistics Like Foreign Postal Code and USPS 2018-08-08

Have you started using track E, so how do we track our goods? Although the system will automatically update the logistics information to the backstage after we confirm the order in the Amazon backstage, the buyer can see its logistics state through the backstage, but for the seller, if the buyer said that the buyer is not receiving the goods, or the address is wrong, do you also need to keep track of the goods in real time? Then you really need to know dropshipping logistics more. Here is a brief introduction to the following query tracking number:

Tracking number query:

1. Binding to ERP system state: If your seller's background binds to ERP system, such as thoroughfare, then the system will automatically generate tracking numbers after printing orders. As shown below, the tracking number can be seen at the time of delivery.

2. query of not binding to ERP system: Directly landing site:, After the background confirms delivery, the seller can query the logistics information on the website according to the tracking number.

It's very simple and convenient. Just remember the website yourself, 17track Web site can be collected. We'll give you a brief introduction on how to track and generate tracking numbers, Next, we would like to give you a detailed description of the foreign postal code format and the introduction of various foreign USPS states:

The format of foreign postcode

1. American postcode: (the United States is generally called zip code) There are two kinds of American postal code, one is 5 digit -4 digit number, for example: 15894-4589. The other one is 5 digit numbers, for example, 95874.

2. The Canadian postcode: Canadian postal code 6 alphabet and numeral group, for example: M2H 3P5; H3Z 2Y7

3. the British postcode (the United States is generally called postcode): Generally speaking, the initial subtitle stands for the urban abbreviation or the regional direction. There are two groups of codes, for example, G1 9XT, G1 is the first part, G represents Glasgow, the 1 is urban abbreviation, 9XT is the second part, in order to make the post office more convenient to locate addresses, specially designed regional codes, many households usually enjoy one zip code, but the number is different. The British zip code is usually composed of 6 to 8 letters and numbers, for example: SS14 3AX; SO16 3UB.

4. The German postcode: The German postal code consists of 5 numbers, of which the first two represent the province or the state, and the latter three represent the urban area. Address writing demonstration: Herrn Quincy Happy Wacholderweg 52A 26133 OLDENBURG GE.

5. The French postcode: The zip code of France is 5 digits, the first two represent the province, and the latter three represent cities, districts or postal branches respectively. For example, the Paris code is the 75 Province, and the zip code is 75000.

6. Italy postcode: The Italy zip code is composed of "I-" (or "IT-", or no prefix) plus 5 digit numbers. For example, 00144 or I-00144. 7. The Spanish postcode: The zip code in Spain is five figures, for example: 28040.

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What is magento dropship 2018-08-04

Magento is an e-commerce platform based on open source technology. Magento provides a shopping cart system for online merchants, as well as controls on the look, content and functionality of the merchant's online store.

Magento logo:


What MAGENTO can do for you:

1. Install and add additional layouts and plugins.

2. Provide you with open source technology and flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions.

3. It allows you to enjoy various discounts and promotions when you check out the hotel.

4. It can provide you with more than 50 payment gateways.

5. Magento provides powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog management tools.

We believe that Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms.

Latest news about Magento:

Isobar Commerce announced on July 18, 2018 that it has been awarded the Magento Global Elite Partner.


(jewelry dropshippers)

Dropship Intruduce.

What is dropship? Dropship is that if the customer needs a product, the supplier will also send the goods to the customer instead of the seller. It is a business in the field of e-commerce. If you want to do a dropship business, you may be a college student, a mother who has just given birth to a child, or you are a young person who is underfunded but wants to start a business, or you are a business person who wants to expand your business. No matter who you are, the business objective you want to achieve, dropshipping business, can help you achieve it.


Need less money.

Merchants launch their own online store by launching a dropship business and do not need to have a large amount of startup funds. Because the merchant bought the supplier’s product after placing a product order with their own customer. Compared with retailers who must bundle large amounts of capital to purchase inventory, dropship business is very advantageous.

Save your time and effort.

When a business does not have to deal with real products, running an e-commerce business is much easier. Because by doing dropship business you don't have to worry:

Manage warehouses or pay for managing warehouses. Packaging and shipping order products. Inventory tracking based on accounting reasons

Flexible office location.

Through the Internet, direct sales can be run anywhere. As long as businesses can easily communicate with suppliers and customers, they can run and manage their own business.

Lots of product choices.

Because the merchant does not have to purchase the product in advance, it can provide a series of products for potential customers. If you sell on the website, the merchant does not need to pay extra.

What is magento dropship?


In 2009, Magestore was established. From the very beginning, Magestore is committed to providing innovative Magento expansion and customer service. Eight years after the Magento market, Magestore has earned the trust of over 70,000 global customers, and Magestore is now becoming the leading omni-channel solution for Magento retailers.

Magento dropship is a module in the Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. It provides businesses with powerful tools to create a superior customer experience and achieve sales anytime, anywhere.

Magento dropship is a bridge connecting suppliers and customers and is the most popular mode of transportation. With the magento dropship feature, merchants do not retain inventory goods, but instead send sales orders and shipment details to wholesalers or suppliers, who then ship the goods directly to the customer.

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Become drop shipping retailers 2018-08-02

A retailer is an intermediary who sells goods directly to the end consumer. It is relative to the producer and wholesaler and is in the final stage of the circulation of goods. However, drop shipping retailers are not the same, it is after the consumer orders, the product is shipped directly from the supplier or manufacturer to the consumer. The traditional sales model is the manufacturer to the supplier to the retailer to consumer. Every additional step, the cost of the product will increase. Drop shipping greatly reduces the cost of the product. It’s easy to become drop shipping retailers. You just need to find a supplier and choose a sales platforms. But if you want to do well, then the following points you need to consider.

How to choose the sales platforms?

Why do I want to introduce the first platform to choose? Because a famous platform can bring more traffic and more potential customers to your store, your product is more likely to sell.

I think a good sales platform must have the following:

1. The broad user base

2. User high active

3. User high accuracy

Well, anyone who knows a little about probability theory knows that if we have a user base of 10,000 and the turnover rate is 10%, then we have traded 1,000 people. If the user base is 100 people, then even if the transaction rate is as high as 50%, we can only trade 50 people. The latter's efficiency is five times that of the former, but the final deal is only 5% of the former. This shows the importance of choosing the size of the sales platform.

Of course, the sales performance that the sales platform ultimately brings to us is affected in many ways. This is the two points mentioned later. One is user activity and the other is user accuracy. For example, WeChat monthly active users are about 860 million, and QQ monthly active users are about 820 million, while even if its active users at the double 11 is only over 100 million.

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Therefore, the drop shipping retailers should consider these points when choosing a sales platform.

How to select your product?

1. Understand yourself and analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

When doing anything, you first need to know yourself, such as what you like to do, what you are good at, and what resources you have. As drop shipping retailers, the funds, manpower, and material resources required to invest in different products are different.

Understanding yourself and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses is to better select the right products. You can use SWOT to combine mind maps to make yourself more aware of yourself.


2. Market research, do a good job of market positioning

After you understand your situation, you need to conduct market research. The more meticulous the investigation work, the better because it is to set the tone for the direction of product selection. It is a directional issue. If the wrong direction is chosen, it will result in a less effective situation. If the choice of products is in the right direction, in the subsequent operations, as long as the right strategies and methods are adopted and persist, there will be fewer detours. The work of market research is to make the direction of their choice of products more clear, clear, and targeted.

3. Narrow the selection to focus on the product.

First of all, through targeted selection of a wide range of areas, after the need to narrow the scope of choice, focus on the product itself, such as product market capacity, whether the product meets the needs of the moment. Whether the product has a patent, whether it is unique in the industry, product design ideas and functional design, whether the product's technical process meets the relevant standards and so on. The drop shipping retailers use the product as the carrier to purchase at a low price, and will reasonably increase the price and eventually sell the product. When selecting the product, the details of attention can reduce unnecessary trouble for the future.

How to increase online store visibility?

When you already own your store online, become a dealer dropship need to know how to increase online store visibility? Now recommend some promotion methods:

1. Use forum or blog promotion to bring traffic to the website.

For those who want to bring traffic to the site through forums and blog, we must first select a good forum. How many people on the forum are online is a criterion for judging whether this forum is good or bad.

2. Timely update of product information.

If you want to increase the visibility of your store, you need to increase your visits. If your site's information is not updated frequently and your customers have seen it. Then he will think that your page's product is old, and nothing else is worth seeing again.

3. Holiday Promotions.

Timely update of product information is very helpful for improving online store traffic.

Regardless of the industry, discount promotions always attract consumers. Low-cost promotions are equivalent to small profits and quick turnover, which not only increase profits but also raise awareness.

4. Old customer maintenance should pay attention

Customers are a good media, and maintaining these customer resources is very important for online brand awareness.

What is thing need to be done after the product is sold?

1. Investigate customer satisfaction.

2. Promptly respond to customer questions.

3. Track logistics information in real time.

4. Timely processing of return issue.

5. Watch customer reviews and correct them based on comments.

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Dropship makeup in korea 2018-07-31

The current situation of dropship makeup korea

Korean cosmetics have become more and more popular in the global dropship makeup market. The major cosmetics companies such as Amorepacific, LG Life Health, and Missha have achieved sales growth of more than 30%. Last year, South Korea's domestic cosmetics exports exceeded imports for the first time.

Behind the staggering growth momentum is the thorough localization. The "LANEIGE" moisture mask is a product that can be exfoliated before bedtime after being applied to the face and is very popular in Hong Kong. The climate in Hong Kong is relatively hot and humid, but it is a very suitable product for Hong Kong women who are overly air-dried to make the skin dry. "O HUI" is designed for UV-sensitive Vietnamese women's skin, and is relatively easy to use.

In addition, it also strengthens cooperation with local companies to expand the sales network. In China, 900 department stores and 2,500 specialty stores sell Mamonde makeup products. "The Face Shop" has established 800 stores in cooperation with AEON Group, the largest seller in Japan, and plans to grow to 1,000 next year.

The diversification of overseas markets has also played a role. Mystery products are active in 31 countries and regions such as Dubai, Romania, and Brunei. In Japan and China, local legal representatives have also been established. LG has also entered the British market with mainstream cosmetic "belif" and is currently exploring new markets in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Australia.

This is a Korean boom that is backed by Korea’s domestic cosmetics boom. "Beyond" invited actor Kim Soo Hyun, a popular actor in the world who starred in the TV series "Moon to Hustle the Sun" to be the spokesperson for the image. With this Korean-style sales strategy, local sales have doubled in half a year. With the booming Korean boom that has been circling in Asia now spreading to Europe, the Americas and other places, the market potential of Korean brands is also increasing.

The advantages and disadvantages of dropship makeup korea

With the dropship makeup korea development, people gradually discovered the advantages and disadvantages.


The use of a large population to junior high school students to 60 years old 70-year-old woman, both boys and girls, whether celebrities or people, whether it is yellow or blue eyes, no matter who is in Korea painted a red lip painted BB cool It's normal to draw an eye. Many of my Korean friends are often joking. No makeup is just like wearing no clothes. Take a subway, buy a dish, no makeup is more like a different kind, everyone will stare at you. Therefore, in order to integrate into the community, we must focus on our own instruments.

The quality of cosmetics in South Korea is also very high. Many brands make cosmetics from natural ingredients. For example, Innisfree is the perfect combination of high technology and nature. The brand's cosmetics features: natural, healthy, simple and stylish. There is also the high-end brand Sulwhasoo, advocating the combination of traditional ancient techniques and modern technology, carefully selecting oriental herbs with skin care effects, and using unique concoction methods to refine the core components of ginseng and AIDS Co., Ltd., and develop products such as ginseng series. Anti-aging skin care products.


As confirmed by the Korea Food and Drug Safety Department, Korean cosmetic manufacturer HWASUNG COSMETICS Co., Ltd. has detected heavy metals in cosmetic products produced by eight companies such as Amore Pacific that exceed Korean cosmetic standards. It is reported that lanthanum is a kind of heavy metal. The glycosides absorbed into the body through cosmetics can damage the heart and liver function, causing headaches, dizziness, and depression. When acute poisoning occurs, severe vomiting, headache, and dyspnea may occur. Severe cases may cause death. The products that were found to have exceeded the standards included Artiaum full cover concealer, Eti House AC Clear up concealer, chopper eyebrow pencil, XTM style home concealer, Black Monster black erasing concealer, SKEDA concealer, Skin food cherry lip There are 13 kinds of commonly used cosmetics such as a line pen, a 3CE eyebrow pencil, and a Makeheal eyebrow pencil. It seems that Korean cosmetics do not represent safety and reliability, but also need consumers to polish their eyes.

3 Top brands of dropship makeup korea


From the birth of the Irish poet Ye Zhi's famous "The lake isle of Innisfree" - the brand name of the island of the soul, since its inception has been committed to becoming a harmonious brand in nature. Nature's cosmetics that pursue healthy and peaceful lifestyles, herbal minerals and extracts extracted from organically cultivated plants, containers derived from the image of water bottles, greens that symbolize natural vitality, and cork designs that reflect the pure beauty of nature contain Innisfree poetry has a pure and natural brand atmosphere. In order to demonstrate the concept of environmental protection, Innisfree uses special recyclable environmentally-friendly materials as packaging, and prints the instructions for use in the box to save paper, especially as a flower. The product packaging of pots and containers, from the herb notebooks with flowers and herbs seeds, we can feel the Innisfree Yue poetry advocates the natural, love nature of the brand philosophy.


LANELGE's positioning is considered a middle-to-high end in Korean skin care products, and it is the most famous brand of Korean skin care products in the Asian market. Lange, born in 1994, has the meaning of "snow of nature" in French. It has become Lange’s current brand culture: snow is condensed from water and eventually melted into pure water. This mysterious and beautiful process Like every process in female life. Create a beautiful young woman face. Lange over the source of life, to maintain the fundamentals of healthy beauty - water scientific research, to create the highest moisture, moisturizing program.


The WHOO brand is listed on the Korean market and is derived from the unique formula of the court. It allows the majority of Korean women to be crazy and enamored. The brand value and concept of "WHOO" is the pursuit of high-grade, high-style beauty. When the time is traced back to the far-away side of the time tunnel, the imperial beauty of the palace, the court beauty secret recipe - Arch Chen Dan, can be said to be dedicated to their most precious treasures, it created a non-fat powder can also be brilliance The Queen's elegant and elegant face. After hundreds of years and thousands of years of inheritance, the effect of Arch Chen Dan has passed through years of validation, and has been assisted by modern science to become the core component of the present WHOO brand.

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E-commerce drop shipping business worldwide 2018-07-26

It is believed that the e-commerce online business has sharply development, a surging number of digital consumers in the recent years. As the graph shows below, it can find that the total number of digital consumers are increasingly in the past 5 years and it still has potential growth trend in the next few years.

It can find that so many people are trying to figure out a new way or method to be profitable because the e-commerce market has strong competition among tons of sellers. Moreover, there are some sellers are troubled by higher costs and inventory pressure, which make them step back from the e-commerce or even give up to do e-commerce business. However, as the drop shipping business model become popular in the recent years, many people choose to join in drop shipping business to try to make profits from the e-commerce market. In this post, I will briefly analyse the current e-commerce drop shipping market, and also give you an example to illustrate how is a drop shipping platform can be helped for your ecommerce drop shipping business.

Why e-commerce dropshipping suppliers business

As we know that Amazon is one of the biggest online drop shipping website in the world, it can easily find from the following graph which shows the total visits on Amazon is keeping on a high level in the last 6 months. That means there are a large number of audiences to searching for drop shipping whatever for business or individual.

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In addition, according the research from E-Dss, it can clearly find that there are approx 30% of online retailers have jump into the drop shipping business because they are kind of believe to make profits from it. Moreover, as a bunch of benefits give away to drop shipping retailers, it is possible to know that a surging number of retailers should starting their drop shipping business in the next few months. The retail e-commerce is a total 300 billion U.S. dollar market in the U.S. only, and it is possible to expect that the number of revenue and profit margin still can increasing in the future development. To conclusion, the e-commerce dropshipping business is worth doing and it still can be profitable in the next few years.

As we know that there are so many pros of doing e-commerce drop shipping business, and I’ll list some of reasons in the following explanation to prove drop shipping business is totally worth doing.

a. Wider product sourcing worldwide. Drop shipping business model allows people to select products in a wider product sourcing, and retailers can freely choose the categories or products for selling.

b. Order fulfillment. It is believe that the order fulfillment is much more easier than the common marketplace selling model. Retailers should not need to worry about the logistic and packaging issues because it should be done in the hand of suppliers or manufacturers.

c. No inventory issues. Most of retailers are worry about the inventory issues because the excess inventory should limit the daily operation of e-commerce business and the future development. However, drop shipping business allows retailers do not need to carry inventories, this is one of the main reason why people jump into drop shipping business.

To conclude, lots of benefits from drop shipping business model may attracting a lots of retailers in the future. Furthermore, e-commerce dropshipping business is worth to do and it still can be profitable for the future development.

Benefits from the cooperation with drop shipping platform

It is believed that a bunch of people may ask a question that is ‘how to start e-commerce dropshipping business’. Basically, join a drop shipping platform is a better way for retailers to start their drop shipping business whoever beginners or veterans. In the following description, I will use Chinabrands as an example to illustrate benefits from the cooperation with a reliable drop shipping platform.

a. Logistic. It can easily understand that logistic is the necessary part of doing drop shipping business. It is believe that retailers need to clearly know about which logistic companies are cooperating with, in order to make sure all merchandises can be safety delivered to end-customers. For example Chinabrands is cooperating with 1,000+ world famous logistic companies such as DHL. Moreover, Chinabrands also build up 100+ global warehouses, which can help retailers to deliver their drop shipping merchandises to the world with lower costs.

b. Technical supporting. There are some drop shipping platforms has a strong technical team for supporting retailers to easily start their drop shipping business. Retailers can even use the most useful and advanced technology at home to do drop shipping business. For instance, chinabrands owned a technical supporting team with 1,000+ staffs. The API system is one of the useful methods for retailers to bulk uploading and downloading products description and images. Moreover, the API system also allows Chinabrands to received orders from third parties and finally do the order fulfillment. That means retailers should not need to worry about the order fulfillment at all because Chinabrands can monitor the online stores from third parties and do order fulfillment by their own.

c. Courses and training before selling. Basically, most of beginners do no know how to start drop shipping business. Those problems can be ‘how to find suppliers’, ‘how to do product selection’, ‘how to do online store promotion’ and so on. Therefore, most of drop shipping beginners may try to purchase online or offline training courses to learn about how to do drop shipping business. However, nowadays, there are some drop shipping platforms may group up a professional team for teaching its members and retailers how to do drop shipping business. For instance, Chinabrands is one of the drop shipping platform to do that. They got so many training courses for teaching their members and retailers to do drop shipping business internationally. These courses including operational skills on different world famous drop shipping platforms like Amazon and Wish, the analysis of store statistics, key words optimization, product selection and so on.

d. Supplying issues. The well-performed suppliers can bring a tons of high quality products, which is the main reason why a online store can get a higher margin. For example, Chinabrands is cooperating with 10,000+ suppliers from the world, and it also has more than 100 categories on selling. It can understand that a well-performed supply chain can ensure retailers making a higher margin whenever now or in the future.

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Dropship Services Review 2018-07-24

What Is Drop Ship Service and Dropship Services Review

What Is Drop Ship Service

Drop shipping is a method of supply chain management (SCM). An online shopping store which works on a drop shipping model purchases its items from a third party manufacturer or wholesaler who fulfills the orders for the customers. In this business model, the store does not keep the items which are displayed on its website, instead it hires its suppliers to do the favour on their behalf. The merchant is not involved directly in handling and shipping of the goods.

As a customer you can review the products from the catalogue displayed on the e-commerce website such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee and orders the item of you add to cart. The product will reach you the same way it happens in other traditional online purchases. This differentiates the internet fulfillment services dropship model with the other standard retail model where the retailers are directly involved in fulfilling customer’s orders. Drop shipping helps the sellers in reducing its operating cost.

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Ultimate Dropship Services Reviews

We are clear on mind that what is drop ship service so now Let us discuss the benefits and limitations of drop shipping model.

Benefits of Drop Ship Services

1. Easy to Start

To start drop shipping is one of the easiest ways for an online shopping store. One only needs to ensure that they are hiring or contacting a dependable third party that can fulfill their customers’ orders efficiently. As a merchant you don’t need to bother about:



Packaging and Shipping

Tracking the consignments

Handling reverse logistics or customer returns

Worrying about inventory levels

2. Minimum Risks

Spending large amounts on acquiring inventory can be risky. Since the merchant does not have a direct involvement in the whole process of drop shipping, the risk associated also minimizes. Unlike standard retail model, where huge cost is involved in acquiring inventory, internet fulfillment services dropship model is an inexpensive method.

3. Flexible Location

As a merchant you can sell the products from anywhere and everywhere. For example, you wish to sell an electronic item in another city or country, you can do it without any hassle. The only thing you need is your internet connection to manage the same.

4. Variety of Product Categories

Since you don’t need to worry about managing the inventory, you can deal in numerous product categories depending on the availability of product with other suppliers.

5. Low Cost of Operation

Drop shipping is high profitable way of cutting down the cost of manufacturing and stocking. Unlike other e-commerce website, you need to put less effort in gaining returns. By employing a third party, you don’t need to worry about the cost of operating, shipping, packaging, etc. All these costs are borne by dropship suppliers such as It helps you in freely expanding your business.

No doubt drop shipping has various advantages but as we know everything associates with it both pros and cons. We make full dropship services review with the disadvantages of drop shipping.

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